The different cladding types to choose from

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Living in a beautiful home makes every home owner very proud. In fact, a lot of people try different ways so that their homes will look beautiful in every way. A lot building and home owners these days are thinking of trying the cladding system

The cladding system is an aesthetic form or decorative method of putting one material over another so that it may look like a different material at all. The purpose of the cladding system is more on the beautification side compared to the functionality. However, it is also meant to protect the underlying structure.

The durability of the structure most likely depends on the type of cladding that is chosen but there are several factors that may affect like the atmosphere of the place. There are several types of cladding to choose from. One of them is stone cladding where layers of natural stones are placed in the exterior of houses. Although some stone cladding is made of synthetic stone because it is more cheaper, both stones give houses a very natural look. The next type of cladding is the one made of timber boards and panels. A lot of home owners choose this type of cladding system because it a good insulator of heat so you do not need to purchase another heating machine. Moreover, the look of timber is very warm to those people who live inside and also for those guests who come to visit. Moreover, there is another type of cladding which is called the weatherboard cladding.

This type of cladding is made from timber or any hardwood that has been reconstituted and then has been repainted. Most of the time they are placed over bricks or any other vulnerable types of walls. This type of cladding looks good but it needs a lot of maintenance. If you are the person who does not want to keep on maintaining your cladding system, it will be very smart to choose fiber cement. This type of cladding system is made of compressed sand, cement, and cellular fiber. The biggest advantages of this type of cladding is it can be installed easily and most of all it does not need a lot of maintenance. If you want to go for the old style, then you can choose brick cladding. It does not need lot maintenance as well and it is also good at insulating the house. It can be very beautiful if different colors of bricks will be chosen. Another type of cladding that is very famous is the vinyl cladding system. It can be very convenient because different colors may be chosen. It does not need a lot of maintenance and it is very environment friendly because it is highly recyclable. Lastly, is the metal cladding which gives a modern look to your home. Moreover, this type of cladding is durable and may last for a long time.

In summary, cladding system protects the interior part of the house walls. Also, it beautifies your home, especially the exterior part. All you have to do is to choose the right type of cladding for your building and surely it will give you a beautiful home.

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