CCTV: aids in solving crimes

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Crimes make our world a dangerous place to live in. Nowadays, it is not safe to walk alone at night or even go out with friends in the broad day light. What is worst is that even crimes can happen inside people’s homes. Good thing technology has made its way. The CCTV has been created. The closed circuit television is a system where signals are shared in one common place, and are usually installed to serve the surveillance purposes. CCTV systems can be successful if all the cameras are placed in the right corners or are placed in the most strategic manner so that it may carry out its function.

These days the cctv system has become of great help to people especially to law-governing bodies. It has served several purposes . First it helps in giving a maximum protection to the areas. Generally, it helps in reducing crime and it helps in minimizing the fear of crime. People feel more secure since this system has been installed almost everywhere. These systems are also placed in highly dangerous areas. For example, it is used in observing highly harmful patients in medical facilities. These days, it also helps in the observance of traffic and solving traffic problems. It also investigates how traffic crimes were committed. It mainly aids in public safety that creates a safe place for residents and visitors including the women and elderly. It also aids in securing personal property that is why it is also being installed to help in ground and building security. Lastly, it is used to record a daily activity that maintains security. It helps the police in making further investigations and soon leading to a solution to the crimes.


CCTV cameras have helped the government in solving crimes faster than before. So how do these cameras help in preventing crimes? There are two main elements on how this system helps in preventing crimes. First, the general public must be aware that there are cameras present and regular CCTV auditing is required.. Maybe some of them know that there are some but they do not know the exact location of the camera. Because of this fact, the potential criminals do not actually know that they are being observed. People who forget the presence of these cameras do the crime without hesitation and makes it easier to catch them because of their offense. The second reason could be it has the ability to reduce crime because offenders know that if they do something wrong they will be seen with the aid of the cameras. Arrest will soon follow and most likely they will go to jail.

The closed circuit television or CCTV has helped people in so many ways but most especially in reducing crimes. Because people are more aware of its presence, crime offenders these days are more hesitant in committing hideous crimes because they can be identified and arrested easily. However, some people also think that this system has violated the privacy of many people. But the positive aspects has outweighed the negative ones. The CCTV is of great help in solving crimes.

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